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Top Restaurants in Ireland 2018

There are so many different restaurants throughout Ireland to suit all different tastes. No matter where you are in the country, you can find some great ones for you. Looking at reviews online is an excellent way to find high-quality restaurants. There are also regular award ceremonies, and The Irish Times gave some of the following a place on the list for best restaurants in Ireland 2018.

Two Pups Coffee, Dublin

This is more like a cafe rather than a restaurant, but it’s impressive nonetheless. This establishment is modern and focuses on delivering wholesome dishes made from the freshest of ingredients that are sourced locally. The coffee at this place is fantastic too, so, by all means just stop there for a hot drink while you are sightseeing or shopping in the area.

1826 Adare, Co Limerick

This cosy restaurant and pub serves dishes that you might be a little scared to try, but you’ll be glad that you did. This includes chicken livers, ham hock and more, all combined with healthy vegetables and other sides that will leave you feeling satisfied. The chef is very skilled and aims to make the foods as mouth-watering as possible, but, with a friendly atmosphere, 1826 Adare is anything but pretentious.

Kasbah Wine Bar @ Tigh Neachtain, Galway

The food comes on small plates, but with plenty to choose from, and such a fantastic variety of flavours. This Tapas style cooking incorporates different meats, but there are also other options out there. The exciting vegan board is sure to please those who have this lifestyle. Do you fancy something sweet after your main course? You just have to try the unicorn tears ice cream which is very popular! In addition to the meals, there are a variety of drinks, including some of the finest wines Ireland has to offer.

Leon Opens Restaurant in Dublin

Leon is a fast food brand with a difference, in the fact that they are much healthier than their competitors including McDonald’s, Burger King and the like. The Mediterranean inspired brand has won many awards over the years, and nods of approval from some of the top-rated chefs in the world. Although they might not be super well known as of yet, this is all set to change, and this is starting this year, with Leon tackling Dublin. Recent statistics have shown that they are actually opening a total of around 15 new restaurants around the UK on a yearly basis, so this should be proof that they’ve got something unique about them.

Some of the outstanding food that Leon is best known for include halloumi wraps, Moroccan meatballs, delicious smoothies and more. In addition to there being plenty of meat on the menu, there are also lots of options for any vegetarians and vegans out there. The founder of the company said although the exact location of the Dublin restaurant isn’t known quite yet, it is going to be somewhere in the city centre so that many people pass by it, and hopefully check it out on a daily basis. He also said that the brand hopes to bring something new to the city, introducing healthy, but fun, fast food that doesn’t currently exist in the country.

It’s so easy to reach for fast food when you are hungry due to pure convenience, and, with Leon, you can do that without the guilt. In addition to fantastic food, Leon restaurants are modern, and with excellent service from the attentive staff. The news that a Leon restaurant is opening in Dublin is sure to please those who live or holiday in the area, and are looking for new places to eat.

Britain’s Contribution to the World’s Best Restaurants

The prestigious awards ceremony has taken place in Bilbao, to announce the winners of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In first place was Osteria Francescana, located in Modena, an Italian city better known for its links with Ferrari. Massimo Bottura, the chef patron of the restaurant, is known for his non-profit organisation that encourages people to fight food waste, encouraging experimentation to use up leftovers.

As usual, the ceremony was not without some controversy, with this year’s hot topic being the lack of female winners. Only three women featured in the top 50, and this reflects the attitudes of the host city, as Bilbao has many dining clubs where female cooks are not allowed in the kitchen. There is a separate award for the 50 best female chefs, which is discriminatory, implying they need their own category.

The highest placing British winner was The Clove Club, situated in the East end of London, featuring at number 33, a drop of five places from last year’s awards. It is renowned for using often-overlooked ingredients to create modern British dishes in an informal setting.

At number 38 was Lyle’s, a relatively new restaurant in Shoreditch, London, that often invites well-known chefs from around the world to guest in their kitchen. The menu changes daily, dependant on the seasons, and the restaurant has its own network of fishermen and farmers.

The final British entry, at number 43, The Ledbury, is also in London and already had the honour of two Michelin stars. The menu is built around British produce, with game dishes being particularly popular when in season.

British food is certainly on the ascent, and may yet compete with the likes of Italy, Spain and France who took the coveted top three positions. British food may be an underdog now but won’t be for long.

Drop in Migrant Numbers a Concern for Business

The hospitality industry is growing increasingly concerned about the continuing fall of EU immigrant numbers in the wake of the Brexit referendum. According to the latest statistics released by the ONS, 139,000 EU residents left the UK in 2017 and only 101,000 arrived in Britain making it the lowest figure for four years, stats show. The group UK Hospitality, representing over 700 bars and restaurants across the country, described the latest set of figures as alarming. The CEO highlighted the fact that the bulk of those people leaving are low skilled workers – with many of them coming from the hospitality industry. She went on to say ‘ the hospitality labour pool is shrinking, with a quarter of employers in the industry already saying that they are struggling to fill in vacancies.’

It is a well known fact that, especially in major cities such as London, the hospitality industry relies heavily on EU migrants – particularly those from Eastern Europe. A study carried out in 2017 showed that 75% of the waiting staff in the UK were from other EU countries, as well as 25% of chefs and 37% of housekeeping staff. Although there has been a rise in the number of immigrants from outside the EU, these individuals tend to be highly skilled migrants, not working in the hospitality sector.

There is also growing concern about there being still no deal on the table, making it difficult for companies to plan for the future. Business is still awaiting clarification on what kind of deal the UK is looking to seek post-Brexit and if EU migrants will still be able to easily come to the UK to work in the hospitality industry. Bar and restaurant bosses are concerned that they will have severe staff shortages if the government doesn’t grant easy access to low skilled workers to the UK labour market as is currently the case.

The Rise in Green Hospitality

As environmental concerns grow across the world, the hospitality industry is having to constantly adapt to this ever-evolving changes. In a recent interview, Professor Anthony Turton of the South African University of the Free State, claimed that the industry must do everything it can to develop sustainable practices. He said ‘We must create and sustain a world in which we are working with the environment, rather than against it.’ The professor was speaking mainly in response to the current water crisis in South Africa but he also highlighted that these notions of sustainability should be adopted more widely by the industry at large – current crisis or no current crisis. One of the professor’s main arguments is not only by making hospitality venues, such as restaurants and hotels greener and better for the environment but that the industry can set a trend that people will then follow in their daily lives.

He notes that it is not enough to build a green venue but that those practices must be maintained throughout the running of their establishment and adopted by every department to make the transformation successful. It is more than being just environmentally friendly, Turton notes that running a green hotel or restaurant can lower the running costs and can have an incredibly big cash benefit to businesses. In addition to the money saved from unnecessary extras, it is also a fantastic marketing campaign with the demand for environmentally conscious products continuing to grow.

There has recently been a wider move in many areas to make business more environmentally friendly. Weatherspoons recently announced that they would be banning the use of plastic straws in their pubs across the UK and plastic bag now have a levy on them in a bid to reduce their usage and stop them being thrown away.

Building new casinos in Ireland

There is a selection of casinos throughout Ireland, some are big brands while others are private establishments looking to build up a name for themselves. Many people who are on holiday in Ireland choose to gamble at some of the casinos which are dotted around different areas. This is so popular because it is a great form of entertainment and it helps that there is the opportunity to win big bonuses at casinos. If you do not quite know the rules for different games throughout the casino, why not watch the rounds unfold before you start personally playing?

There is always room for new casinos in Ireland because the latest statistics from the country show that tourism is at an all-time high, especially with younger people looking to have fun. More casinos means more profit for the entertainment industry. Many hotels are even adding casino rooms to them in an attempt to get even more guests to stay, although this is still in its early stages. Although more casinos are cropping up in Ireland, there is not as many new ones as there perhaps could be and this is largely due to online gambling. More and more people choose the internet as their go-to method for casino play. It’s easy and generally a lot more convenient than physically going to a casino. There are many online casinos out there, it’s just a question of doing your research before joining one or several.

All your favourite games are included in online casinos and they are played in the exact same way than at an on-land casino. When you are in Ireland, you have two options for gambling. You can either visit a casino in the country (there should be at least one in your area), or you can join a casino site online and play that way.

Installing Slot Machines near Restaurants

From the Perspective of the Restaurant Owner:

For a restaurant owner, installing slot machines can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Once installed, a slot machine very quickly pays for itself. It is a steady income which requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Restaurants will typically have their quiet times, whether this be during certain times of the day, days of the week or even on a seasonal basis. Therefore, having the extra money coming in from a slot machine can help with cash flow issues.

From the Perspective of the Customer:

No matter how quick a restaurant can serve your food, we are all aware that it takes a bit of time to cook a meal to a good standard, and there are always going to be some occasions when a restaurant is busy. Rather than just sitting around waiting for your food, if a restaurant has a slot machine installed, it gives you something to do with the bonus of being able to win a bit of extra cash. If you win before the meal you can order yourself something a bit special, like that lobster or lamb rack, even a fine bottle of wine which you might not normally go for. You could even treat your friends and pay for the whole meal. And, when you win after the meal you can always celebrate with some extra drinks. Whichever way you look at it, having additional forms of entertainment at a restaurant will help to improve your overall experience as a customer.

If you enjoy gambling, you may even wish to have a little gamble online at 7 Sultans, and if you are lucky you may win enough money for a night out at a nice restaurant. Who knows, you might even double up on your winnings on the slot machine when you get there.

Slots with a Food Design

There are a whole variety of different slot games out there, with varying themes. As of recent years, slot games have very much advanced with bonus rounds, and hidden games within the game. This has seen the number of people playing them shoot through the roof. Of the number of themes out there, food slot games remain very popular. If you are playing on River Belle casino app or another gambling site, you might be interested in exploring slot games that are centred around food. Some of them include the following:

  • Fruit Slot Games

Fruit slots are probably the oldest type of slot machine, and they exist in pubs all around the world to this day. To win at fruit slots, you basically have to match 3 fruits or line them up in a particular order to gain various sums of money. Fruit slots have been upgraded in many casino sites online, although nothing significant has been done to the general design.

  • Food Fight

This slot game has a fun name, and it’s just as enjoyable to play. The slots have images of different foods including pies, chocolate pudding and other items that you would find in a school cafeteria. The jackpot is nothing to laugh about, however, so you can really play to win on this one.

  • Wasabi San

From the big casino programming brand Microgaming, any lover of sushi is going to have heaps of fun playing this slot. Match up the different Japanese food items to reach a jackpot; the winning combination is sure to make you shriek with joy.

  • So Much Candy

Inspired by none other than Candy Crush, this slot game is fun and ideal for getting that sweet fix that you’ve been looking for. With Kings, Queens, Jacks and a whole lot of candy, this game is addictive, and also can be very profitable.

Ivy Group Names New Boss

David Campbell has been named as the new CEO of the Ivy Collection Group. Campbell who was previously in charge of the Asian-inspired Wagamama chain is credited with turning around the company from a loss-making to a profit making business. Over the four years he was at Wagamama he doubled the profits of the company. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the news and added that ‘we’re happy he’s joining the team.’

The Ivy Collection, which owns the famed London restaurant, known for its crowds of celebrity diners and high-profile individuals, has recently opened up branches across the country. The first of the so-called Ivy Cafe opened in London’s Covent Garden just a few short years ago and now the company has 24 cafes across the country. Diners can enjoy a selection of food and drinks offered by the famed theatre-land restaurant in cities all across the country from Birmingham to Brighton. So far, the opening of the Ivy Cafes has been a resounding success as they trade on the name of the original restaurant with many of the venues operating on a reservation only basis due to the high demand.

This is not Campbell’s only role. He has also been appointed as one of the chairmen of Bill’s restaurants which has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Bills have been one of hospitality’s biggest success stories over recent years. After initially setting out as a greengrocer in Lewes, a restaurant opened in nearby Brighton which instantly became a hit with the locals looking for the fresh ingredients and hearty portions of food. Bills now have 79 restaurants across the country, with over 20 of those located in London. They focus on locally sourced produce with an artisan flair and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – especially popular for brunch.

London’s Waka Set to Close

The Peruvian-Japanese restaurant Waka is set to close its flagship London eatery having only opened a few short months ago. The casual dining option is currently located in the city but has decided to relocate to a new location following a string of issues they have encountered since opening. One of the major factors that have to lead to the restaurant’s closing to a massive flood which caused a significant amount of damage to the premises. Waka’s second location White City Place is said to be going well and there are plans to have a second location in the city opening as soon as possible. A spokesperson for the company said ‘We’re already looking at sites in the city and hope to open the second one very soon.’

Several restaurants are set to close across the country – mainly in the budget dining centre. The Italian chain Prezzo announced that it will close 94 restaurants across the country is a bid to save its business which currently employs 4,500 people. Other restaurants which are facing difficulties in the current climate including Jamie’s Italian and Byron Burger. Both are still currently open but that has had to cut jobs and close sites in a bid to stay afloat and stop the companies folding.

Overall the hospitality sector is staying strong in the turbulent economic climate with many new bars and restaurants opening. Most companies who are struggling are from the budget dining sector which has seen an explosion in outlets opening over the past decade. As well as stiff competition, other issues which are affecting the hospitality industry include a rise in business rates and a rise in the national minimum which is putting pressure on businesses to stay afloat. Other companies who have collapsed in recent months are Toys R Us and the electronic retailer Maplins.