Installing Slot Machines near Restaurants

From the Perspective of the Restaurant Owner:

For a restaurant owner, installing slot machines can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Once installed, a slot machine very quickly pays for itself. It is a steady income which requires very little upkeep and maintenance. Restaurants will typically have their quiet times, whether this be during certain times of the day, days of the week or even on a seasonal basis. Therefore, having the extra money coming in from a slot machine can help with cash flow issues.

From the Perspective of the Customer:

No matter how quick a restaurant can serve your food, we are all aware that it takes a bit of time to cook a meal to a good standard, and there are always going to be some occasions when a restaurant is busy. Rather than just sitting around waiting for your food, if a restaurant has a slot machine installed, it gives you something to do with the bonus of being able to win a bit of extra cash. If you win before the meal you can order yourself something a bit special, like that lobster or lamb rack, even a fine bottle of wine which you might not normally go for. You could even treat your friends and pay for the whole meal. And, when you win after the meal you can always celebrate with some extra drinks. Whichever way you look at it, having additional forms of entertainment at a restaurant will help to improve your overall experience as a customer.

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