Ivy Group Names New Boss

David Campbell has been named as the new CEO of the Ivy Collection Group. Campbell who was previously in charge of the Asian-inspired Wagamama chain is credited with turning around the company from a loss-making to a profit making business. Over the four years he was at Wagamama he doubled the profits of the company. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the news and added that ‘we’re happy he’s joining the team.’

The Ivy Collection, which owns the famed London restaurant, known for its crowds of celebrity diners and high-profile individuals, has recently opened up branches across the country. The first of the so-called Ivy Cafe opened in London’s Covent Garden just a few short years ago and now the company has 24 cafes across the country. Diners can enjoy a selection of food and drinks offered by the famed theatre-land restaurant in cities all across the country from Birmingham to Brighton. So far, the opening of the Ivy Cafes has been a resounding success as they trade on the name of the original restaurant with many of the venues operating on a reservation only basis due to the high demand.

This is not Campbell’s only role. He has also been appointed as one of the chairmen of Bill’s restaurants which has seen rapid growth over the past few years. Bills have been one of hospitality’s biggest success stories over recent years. After initially setting out as a greengrocer in Lewes, a restaurant opened in nearby Brighton which instantly became a hit with the locals looking for the fresh ingredients and hearty portions of food. Bills now have 79 restaurants across the country, with over 20 of those located in London. They focus on locally sourced produce with an artisan flair and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – especially popular for brunch.