Leon Opens Restaurant in Dublin

Leon is a fast food brand with a difference, in the fact that they are much healthier than their competitors including McDonald’s, Burger King and the like. The Mediterranean inspired brand has won many awards over the years, and nods of approval from some of the top-rated chefs in the world. Although they might not be super well known as of yet, this is all set to change, and this is starting this year, with Leon tackling Dublin. Recent statistics have shown that they are actually opening a total of around 15 new restaurants around the UK on a yearly basis, so this should be proof that they’ve got something unique about them.

Some of the outstanding food that Leon is best known for include halloumi wraps, Moroccan meatballs, delicious smoothies and more. In addition to there being plenty of meat on the menu, there are also lots of options for any vegetarians and vegans out there. The founder of the company said although the exact location of the Dublin restaurant isn’t known quite yet, it is going to be somewhere in the city centre so that many people pass by it, and hopefully check it out on a daily basis. He also said that the brand hopes to bring something new to the city, introducing healthy, but fun, fast food that doesn’t currently exist in the country.

It’s so easy to reach for fast food when you are hungry due to pure convenience, and, with Leon, you can do that without the guilt. In addition to fantastic food, Leon restaurants are modern, and with excellent service from the attentive staff. The news that a Leon restaurant is opening in Dublin is sure to please those who live or holiday in the area, and are looking for new places to eat.