Museums in Ireland

Ireland is a country with a rich cultural heritage and is reflected in its many fantastic museums. While many of these are located in the capital Dublin, there are plenty of other located around the country to enjoy if you are taking a road trip around this stunning nation.

Dublin’s National Museum of Ireland has four different locations in the city, each focusing on a different area of history or culture. One of the venues has an exclusive focus on archaeology with pieces from both home and abroad including the famed bog bodies which were discovered in the Irish peat bogs.

The natural history museum is another part of the national museum. Known locally as the dead zoo, they have a range of skeletons of animals that once lived in Ireland – including the famed and now extinct giant deer. Also located in Dublin is the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum. The museum has been voted the number one museum in Ireland and won the UK’s Heritage Awards for Excellence international prize. It is known for being one of the first cemeteries to open up after a law prohibiting catholics to bury their own in Catholic cemeteries was lifted.

The Chester Beatty Library is dedicated to the explorer Sir Alfred Chester Beatty who travelled the world and collected a fantastic array of Middle Eastern and Asian artefacts during his life. The museum is situated in the grounds of Dublin Castle.

For those across the border in Northern Ireland, the Titanic Belfast is a must. The museum was built on the site where the famed ship was constructed before it set sail for America in 1912. The exhibits focus on a range of subjects including the construction of the vessel and also how it came it its tragic end in the mid-Atlantic after striking in ice berg off the Canadian coast.