Opinion on Harrys Bar & Restaurant

If you are in Bridgend in Ireland, you are going to want to go somewhere amazing to eat. Harrys Bar & Restaurant is an establishment in the area and in general, it seems pretty popular. Reading reviews online is a great way to know if a place is reliable. After all, who can you trust more than people who actually eat and drink there? There are always going to be negative opinions about a place, after all every restaurant in the world can have a bad day. On the whole, most people absolutely love Harrys, so let’s have a closer look at what customers are saying so that you can learn a bit more about the restaurant in general.

Most people mention that the Sunday dinners at Harrys Bar & Restaurant are amazing with delicious meats and the most high quality of ingredients. The Fish and Chips at the restaurant are also very popular, they taste very similar to what you would get in a classic British chippie but a little “posher”. The portion sizes, in general, are said to be really good especially compared with the general price of the meals and the high quality that is apparent in taste.

Even though the restaurant is really busy most of the time, the overall consensus is that the service is really fast and always given with a smile. The staff really have extensive knowledge of the dishes and always work to ensure that the ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible. The interior in Harrys Bar & Restaurant is modern and the atmosphere is really nice, not too loud and not too quiet.

You can see that the general opinion of the restaurant is positive, it’s actually rated number 1 in Bridgend, so why not give it a try yourself?