Slots with a Food Design

There are a whole variety of different slot games out there, with varying themes. As of recent years, slot games have very much advanced with bonus rounds, and hidden games within the game. This has seen the number of people playing them shoot through the roof. Of the number of themes out there, food slot games remain very popular. If you are playing on River Belle casino app or another gambling site, you might be interested in exploring slot games that are centred around food. Some of them include the following:

  • Fruit Slot Games

Fruit slots are probably the oldest type of slot machine, and they exist in pubs all around the world to this day. To win at fruit slots, you basically have to match 3 fruits or line them up in a particular order to gain various sums of money. Fruit slots have been upgraded in many casino sites online, although nothing significant has been done to the general design.

  • Food Fight

This slot game has a fun name, and it’s just as enjoyable to play. The slots have images of different foods including pies, chocolate pudding and other items that you would find in a school cafeteria. The jackpot is nothing to laugh about, however, so you can really play to win on this one.

  • Wasabi San

From the big casino programming brand Microgaming, any lover of sushi is going to have heaps of fun playing this slot. Match up the different Japanese food items to reach a jackpot; the winning combination is sure to make you shriek with joy.

  • So Much Candy

Inspired by none other than Candy Crush, this slot game is fun and ideal for getting that sweet fix that you’ve been looking for. With Kings, Queens, Jacks and a whole lot of candy, this game is addictive, and also can be very profitable.