The Rise in Green Hospitality

As environmental concerns grow across the world, the hospitality industry is having to constantly adapt to this ever-evolving changes. In a recent interview, Professor Anthony Turton of the South African University of the Free State, claimed that the industry must do everything it can to develop sustainable practices. He said ‘We must create and sustain a world in which we are working with the environment, rather than against it.’ The professor was speaking mainly in response to the current water crisis in South Africa but he also highlighted that these notions of sustainability should be adopted more widely by the industry at large – current crisis or no current crisis. One of the professor’s main arguments is not only by making hospitality venues, such as restaurants and hotels greener and better for the environment but that the industry can set a trend that people will then follow in their daily lives.

He notes that it is not enough to build a green venue but that those practices must be maintained throughout the running of their establishment and adopted by every department to make the transformation successful. It is more than being just environmentally friendly, Turton notes that running a green hotel or restaurant can lower the running costs and can have an incredibly big cash benefit to businesses. In addition to the money saved from unnecessary extras, it is also a fantastic marketing campaign with the demand for environmentally conscious products continuing to grow.

There has recently been a wider move in many areas to make business more environmentally friendly. Weatherspoons recently announced that they would be banning the use of plastic straws in their pubs across the UK and plastic bag now have a levy on them in a bid to reduce their usage and stop them being thrown away.