Types of Entertainment in Ireland

There are indeed some fantastic sights in Ireland, and your days are sure to be well spent when you holiday here. However, what can you do in the evening in Ireland to make the most of the location? Let’s find out.

  • Pubs

There is such a wide range of pubs and bars in Ireland; the country is known for its vast drinking culture, after all. You will find a pub on every street corner in Ireland, no matter what town or city you are in. Most of these places are really welcoming, and with a friendly atmosphere amongst locals and tourists alike, you are not going to want to leave.

  • Casinos

Although there are not as many casinos as in other places around the world, there are still several to choose from. There are seven larger casinos around Ireland, and smaller ones opening up in towns around the country. A simple search of the internet will tell you if there are any casinos nearby, and if there are, why not check them out and try your luck in the games?

  • Shows

If you are looking to watch a top band, a small theatre performance or something else entirely, there are so many shows held in all the different areas of Ireland on a daily basis. Some prominent buildings where appearances are often held include The Academy, The National Concert Hall and the Smock Alley Theatre, all in Dublin plus the Odyssey Complex in Belfast. In addition to the usual type of shows, why not check out if there any smaller and more personal performances in your local area?

No matter where you are in Ireland, there is guaranteed to be a ton of different entertainment to choose from, that you can enjoy both during the day and well into the night.