Why choose Harry’s Bar & Restaurant?

What are the components that actually make up a good restaurant? Delicious food? A range of drinks? An electric atmosphere? Harry’s Bar & Restaurant has all three and even more on top of that. This eatery is actually voted the town’s number one dining venue, which certainly says a lot about the quality, but let’s delve into Harry’s in a little more detail to find out more.

There is such a wide range of dishes available at the restaurant that everyone will find something to enjoy. Examples of the delicious fare on offer include fish and chips, burgers, lasagne, goat’s cheese starters and much more. The Sunday dinners at Harry’s Bar & Restaurant are out of this world and you simply have to try them for yourself if you are a fan of Sunday roasts. Furthermore, the desserts are incredible and will make your meal come together nicely. The best local ingredients are used in each dish and plenty of love and care is invested into the presentation, which makes it taste even nicer.

In addition to the food, there are a multitude of fine wines to choose from. These wines accompany the food perfectly to ensure a totally satisfying dining experience. A bar in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without a range of beers and of course, at Harry’s, you will not be disappointed. There are many beers available to suit all tastes and budgets, from local Irish stout to a variety of flavours from around the world.

Food and drink aside, the friendly vibes and welcoming atmosphere is what makes this place stand out from others in the area. The staff are very accommodating and their entire focus centres on meeting your needs throughout your stay. Next time you are in the area of Bridgend, try out this restaurant for yourself and discover exactly why Harry’s is worth the hype.